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Massive Fire At Classic Car Dealership Destroys Large Number Of Vintage Cars

Illustration for article titled Massive Fire At Classic Car Dealership Destroys Large Number Of Vintage Cars

Country Classic Cars in Staunton, Illinois, is a well-known seller of vintage cars, with an inventory of over 600 cars, primarily American, ranging from the ‘20s to well into the Malaise Era. Unfortunately, one of their warehouses had a colossal fire yesterday, involving nearly a dozen fire departments and destroying a huge number of cars.


Luckily, no one was injured, but the building that burned was estimated to have between 100-150 cars in it, most of which are likely destroyed.

Fire officials are not yet certain what caused the blaze, which seemed to be most intense in the center of the building, suggesting that whatever caused the fire was inside the building, as opposed to an external source.


Here’s a commercial from Country Classic Cars to get a better idea of what the business was like when not aflame:

...and, here’s tour of one of the buildings; it’s not clear if this is the one that burned:

And, what the hell, here’s another, which has a nice Corvair and Volkswagen Type 3 Squareback:

It’s a shame to see so many classics gone like this, but at least no people were injured or worse. The company seems to still have a significant inventory, so this shouldn’t be the end of Country Classic Cars.

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I was there on Monday afternoon. It went up in smoke on Tuesday evening.

They lost their main building, which included their business office. There were at least 150 vehicles in that building alone.

Here’s what is left of the car that I drove when I was there. I know that this is it, as it was backed up to a Checker Marathon when we left.