Masshole Plow Driver Fired Over This Massholish Video He Posted On YouTube

Don't you hate shoveling your car our of a five-foot-tall bank of snow after the plow man comes down the street? Well, this particular plowman thinks it's funny, real fackin' funny. But posting a YouTube video of his F-bomb-rich rant on how great he thinks burying people's cars and driveways got Mark Hussey fired. Justice has been served to this huge Masshole.

If you're wondering what a Masshole is, it's any loud-mouthed, obnoxious asshole from Massachusetts, putting Hussey right up there with Tollbooth Willie for a claim on the dubious distinction of being the official poster boy of Massholedom.

...if you're at ya fackin' house nice and warm and fackin' toasty, well fackin' have at it. But ya ain't makin' the same fackin' dough as I'm doin'.


Only, he ain't makin' the same fackin' dough either now. At any rate, this guy must be a real hit with the ladies at whatever dilapidated watering hole he frequents during his non-plowing hours.


As it turns out, the Masshole plow driver who was canned for broadcasting his devilish enjoyment of people's snow shoveling misery is actually a stand up guy. He's not exactly stoked about losing his job over the video, but no hadn feelin's from this guy.

"... the only thing hurt was people's feelin's, and maybe some sore backs from having to shovel snow ... Still love ya, America."

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