Massachusetts Tries, Fails To Fully Oxidize All Its Old Vehicles

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This is Down On The Street Bonus Edition, where we check out interesting street-parked cars located in places other than the Island That Rust Forgot. Today we're going to look at a foursome of old machines that Dr. Danger has photographed for us in his native Massachusetts. We've got a Continental, a Nova, a Spitfire, and a Ford pickup. Make the jump to read Dr. Danger's descriptions and check out the entire gallery.


Continental: Found this convertible MKIII Continental appeared yesterday around the corner from my house (Boston, MA). You can see a tarp in the back seat, so I am guessing the top isn't working at the moment. You can also see some wires bleeding from the driver door. You can't really see much from the pictures, but the car is beat-up from head to toe. It has a Key West "Mile 0" marker sticker, so I am wondering if or when it made that 27+/- hour trip. Im not sure who the "Quinn 74" sticker is for. Trying to find a specific Quinn in Boston is like trying to find a needle in a needle-stack. It has Mass plates, so I am surprised the body panels are not eaten-up. There is also a forth-gen Continental that lives on my street, I was going to send pictures with my better camera with that one.

Nova: I was riding around on my lunch time and found this early 70's Nova. It was sitting in the middle of a loading dock around an industrial/warehouse area in South Boston. I think it is a straight-six from the look of the oil pan.

Spitfire: Funny, after all that British Leyland talk, I rode past this Triumph yesterday after work. Seems to be in good condition, even the top looked good. I didn't spot any rust on it, besides on the muffler. I thought it was funny to see the Mass plate that says "Spirit of America" just over the Triumph badge. Spotted in an industrial area in South Boston.


Rob Emslie

Geez, I'll bet if you wait long enough, the owner of that Nova will come back and sell you some crack. The Triumph looks like my old one, but I doubt it ever set tire in Massachusetts, as a cross-country jaunt was never in the books for it. The purple people eater F100 makes my head hurt, and the conni is good from far, but far from good. All in all, and good days catch. Now you'll have to clean and gut 'em.