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Over the weekend, Maserati sent 50,000 volts through the automotive world, when it annnounced it would build a limited number of one of the most talked-about concepts shown at this year's Geneva show, the Pininfarina-designed Birdcage. That the super-high-tech concept would be produced is no less surprising than who's doing the producing. Could Maserati finally be stepping out from behind Ferrari's long shadow to become a style and performance leader?

The announcement, made at this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK, where a Birdcage concept was raced by Pink Floyd drummer and car collector, Nick Mason in the festival's supercar run. The Birdcage, an update on a 1950s Maserati racer as seen through futurists' eyes, will be built on the same architecture as the V12-powered Maserati's MC12, placing it easily in the upper-six-figures realm. Score another one for the billionaires.


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