Maserati, Of All Companies, Is Talking Shit About Tesla

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Nearly everyone seems to be jumping on the electric vehicle bandwagon, including Maserati. Only it has no intention of making a “Tesla fighter” because Teslas are “not the best.”


Okay. You have my attention.

Maserati engineering boss Roberto Fedeli doesn’t think a Maserati EV will happen before 2019, reports Car and Driver, which points out that that more likely means that we’ll have to realistically wait until 2020.

But unlike everyone else with their Tesla Fighter-This and Tesla Killer-That, Fedeli doesn’t think a Tesla fighter is a “good idea.” From the story:

“I don’t think that Tesla is the best product in the market but they are doing 50,000 cars a year,” the former Ferrari technical boss explained. “The execution and quality of the products of Tesla are the same as a German OEM in the 1970s. Their solutions are not the best.”

First, lol.

Second, wow. Tesla’s build quality is so bad that Maserati is dissing them? Maserati, the same company with the shaky reliability at best and poor sales figures? Maserati, a company that only sells internal combustion engine cars right now, talking shit about a company that only builds EVs when it doesn’t have an EV of its own to offer yet?


Maserati is a smaller-volume luxury brand, so it’s not expected to sell cars like Toyota sells Camrys. But then again, Tesla is still pretty small, too. Can Maserati make an EV to back up its claims? We’ve got to wait until 2020 to find out.

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Do you want to hear people really go off about Tesla? Go to any luxury car dealership. I went to a Lexus dealer a few weeks ago to look at a GS-F and the sales manager randomly went on an at least 30 minute straight tirade about Tesla. He talked crap about the cars, the stores, the company, and everything else. It was hilarious but eventually I had to cut him off.

They also hate Tesla at my Audi dealer too. It’s like a dirty word to say if you’re shopping for another luxury car. If they ask you what else you’re considering and you say Model S the salesperson’s face will contort into a look of horror followed by spouting a stream of reasons why you shouldn’t by one.

Tesla definitely has them scared, especially in my area.