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Maserati Kubang Concept: Powered By Ferrari, Built By Chrysler

Illustration for article titled Maserati Kubang Concept: Powered By Ferrari, Built By Chrysler

Although still calling it a "concept," we got a skosh more information about Maserati's Kubang sport SUV—including a promise, however vague, that the engines might be something special. (Sorry, though, Chrysler fans: That thing ain't got a Hemi.)


Built on the same platform as Jeep's Grand Cherokee and assembled in Detroit at Chrysler's Jefferson North plant—I'm guessing Maserati cashed in that favor from Iacocca for the Chrysler TC—the implication has been that the Kubang will be more SUV than sport. But Maserati is underlining that everything that matters above the ankles will be designed and engineered by real, honest-to-god Italians, including a Ferrari-built V8 designed by former Scuderia Ferrari F1 engine mago Paolo Martinelli. (Then packed up and shipped to Detroit in pasta excelsior.)

So we'll see! The Kubang is still a concept, albeit one just about ready to be launched after almost a decade of hemming and hawing. Until a proper announcement, Maserati has remained cagey about things like price that matter to skint luxury SUV buyers considering a Porsche Cayenne—or a Grand Cherokee.

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Matt Brown

The Momserati. 95% of the people who drive these will be moms who buy this instead of minivans because if they bought minivans they would look like moms.

This is just another step added to the spoiled bitch lifetime car line. It goes 128i, TT Roadster, Lexus RX, Momserati.