The owner of a pristine 1985 Maserati BiTurbo apparently didn't understand the challenging nature of Italian cars, trading it in for Cash For Clunkers; the automotive equivalent of putting down an Asperger's kid because of unprepared parents.


The things to shake your head at here is pretty long. First, the car is in pristine physical condition. It only has 18,480 miles. The leather is in great shape. The wood isn't even cracked on the dash. This is all making us very sad. Sure it's in need of some mechanical love under the hood, but if it ran like a Toyota it wouldn't be a Maserati. The guy tried to sell it for a couple months and gave up, taking $3,500 for the car, the same he was asking on the open market. Here's the final insult to injury, the guy traded it in on an Impreza, not even a WRX. When will the madness stop? (Hat tip to everyone for the tip!) [9News]

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