Marvel At The Awesome Cars And Crazy Home-Built Creations Of Solo Nationals

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Every year, the nation’s best autocrossers descend upon the Sports Car Club of America Solo National Championships. Racers bring everything from stock-class grocery getters to supercars to highly modified cars built for one purpose: to dodge cones very fast. This supercut of Solo Nats action is downright amazing.

While anyone can show up to Solo Nationals, the fact that it’s the big SCCA championship tends to bring out the most highly prepared cars driven by insanely talented drivers from across the country.

This also means that the cars tend to be the most insane. The row of candy-colored Lotuses. A crazy rolling rectangle of a B-Mod car that appears to have the nose of a Jeep. An Audi R8 with a spectacular outline wrap next to a deep metallic red McLaren 12C. That bright pink Camaro. More lust-worthy modified S2000s than have the Fast & Furious franchise could ever hope to feature.

The real winner, though, is whoever prepped a vintage bright green Porsche 911 Targa for autocross duty. Here’s a car that’s worth way too much at the moment, so let’s make a big awesome go-kart out of it and have way more fun than any human should be allowed. That car, with its hacked-up fenders, enormous wheels and joyous oversteer is how to win at life. Who needs fender skirts? They’re just extra weight!


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