Toyota's 2008 SEMA pickup's named the Tacoma Truck Concept. However, most call it the BTTF Truck, for "Back to the Future," as it's meant to look similar to the 1985 Toyota pickup Marty McFly drives at the movie's end.

While the DeLorean-based time machine was cool, it was really the wet black 1985 Toyota Pickup SR5 from Back To The Future that most people we know still dream about. Freshly waxed by Biff Tannen, of course. Toyota agreed, building the Tacoma Truck Concept for last year's SEMA show to look somewhat similar to that original.

Our friends at had the opportunity to drive this SEMA special that's a homage to McFly's classic '85 pickup truck, taking the BTTF out to Southern California's Johnson Valley OHV park, where the ultra extreme King of the Hammers cross-country/rock crawl race is held.

It's not just the exterior that looks like it's gone back in time. The BTTF's inside is retro too. The brown and tan interior features seats with genuine 20-year-old Recaro cloth inserts. And when we say "genuine" โ€” we mean it. The surplus patterns were found in the corner of a Toyota warehouse.


But this Tacoma ain't just a homage โ€” it's got some serious rock-crawling street cred. That's thanks to the ultimate nod back to the Toyota Truck of the BTTF's solid front axle replacing the Tacoma's stock independent front suspension. Hardcore rock crawlers and trail junkies instantly recognize the credibility of an SFA because it provides better wheel travel off-road over obstacles than IFS does. It's simple, functional and practical, like the live-axle setup and leaf springs that continue today on almost every pickup sold in the U.S.

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