Marque Makeover: 1957 Daimler Conquest Roadster

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Occasionally, while meandering the byways of the interwebotubes, you find something rare and beautiful that makes you rethink an entire marque. Prior to this find, my perception of Britain's' oldest carmaker, Daimler (unlike at DCX, where the pronunciation of Chrysler is silent, here it's nonexistent) and its products consisted of handsome and stately limousines and barely badge-engineered Jaguars. This piece of hotness sheds a whole lot of light on the company. Sports cars? Why yes, two in fact. Luxury convertibles? They've got 'em by the bushel. In fact, follow the link and you'll see all sorts of not-limousines (though the DS420 will always be the Daimler for me). Just look at those handsome lines, that stately grill so ripped off on modern Vanden Plas Jags, those sporty hood scoops, and oh my what fins it has. A grand total of 65 were ever produced and I've never seen one in person, so that must mean it's rare.

One more pic after the jump.

This image was lost some time after publication.

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