Marker Light Madness: A Quiz!

I'm pretty sure side marker lights are some of the least-thought about components of a car. It's amazing the lengths car companies will go not to give a shit about them. Nobody is "into" side markers. Except me. So let's have a quiz about one of them!

Really, it is amazing how much apathy these bits of DOT-mandated falderal manage to generate. Companies like Pagani, for example will go to incredible lengths to make sure each and every part of a Huayra is a work of art — down to inscribing their logo on every single screw head — but they give so minuscule a shit about side marker lights that they just slap on something they found in the back of the Hella catalog. It's insane.


So, as part of my campaign to make the world donate the tiniest of turds about side marker lights, I'm going to dedicate a little late-night series to them. And to start it off, we're going to have a quiz? Ready? Too bad:

For the marker light pictured on top, name two very different vehicles that used this marker light.

Okay? I know of at least two cars that used that very basic unit, and I want to see who out there shares my secret, shameful fascination. So, let's have your answers in the comments. Good luck!

UPDATE: So, just so you know, the two cars I was thinking of that share that marker light are the 1st gen VW Rabbit and pretty much every Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen.

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