Mark Phelan Is A Meanie-Face, Teases Us With Audi R8

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Mark Phelan, the jovial auto critic for the Freep, and mortal enemy of Scott Burgess, auto critic for the Detroit News regular all-around good guy, is now, in a fit of Colbertism, dead to us. Those wacky kids over at Autoblog pointed out to us that he made the conscious decision to drive the Audi R8 to the Chrysler "What's New?" event over in Chelsea yesterday. We can only assume he did this on purpose as he must know we're already being teased by Audi with their super-duper car. We don't know why he made the decision to hurt us like this, but we know one thing — we're going to make things painful for him. That's right — from now on we won't be picking up any more free copies of the Freep over at Leo's Coney Island in Royal Oak. No, from now on we'll onlyread his reviews online and with AdBlock turned on to ensure there's no chance of added revenue going into his pocket. Full evidence of his meanness below via my camera and the camera of Jeff Kowalsky.

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