Maria De Villota Is One Stylish Badass

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We have immense respect for Maria De Villota, who lost her eye in a freak accident while testing an F1 car. She's back on her feet, smiling and (we say this because we love her) totally stylish.


If we'd lost an eye, we would have a hard time making ourselves presentable. Maria showed up to her first big press conference in a blue crushed velvet blazer. She looked like she was about to kick somebody's ass in a ‘70s kung fu movie. It's a look only a professional racing driver can pull off. As our adoring readers affirmed, she looked amazing.

The amount of love poured out by everyone was genuinely heartening. We think Rocketboy_X put it best.


"When I saw myself I thought 'Who is going to love me looking like this?' But since then I've realized they have loved more than in a whole life. I have enough love to cover this life and the next."

Based on the reaction to the last article that was published with a recent picture, she does not need to worry.


Now that she's recovering, we're starting to wonder if there's ever been a more stylish racecar driver than Ms. de Villota.

Photo Credit: SNTV