Margaret Cho's Episode Of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee Is Fucking Heavy

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The second episode of the eighth season of Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee has Jerry picking up Margaret Cho in a 1967 Mazda Cosmo Sport. The duo chat about comedy, feminism, sexuality, Nazism and rape.

The episode opens with the gorgeous Japan-only Mazda Cosmo in Pyrenees white, which Jerry refers to as “one of a kind,” just like this week’s comedian guest Margaret Cho.


The comedic pair dive into Cho’s unique brand of comedy, unafraid of issues like her feminism, her bisexuality, and the now-infamous incident of doing a stand-up set about rape “just before Easter” and having it blow up in her face in March of this year.

Cho talks about her challenges as a comedian in Korean culture, as well as dealing with hecklers and critics over her controversial stand-up topics, including her history as a victim of rape.

“If you could actually take the silence away, you take away predators. They have nowhere to hide. Every time I talk about it, my rapist is super scared. ‘She’s going to say the name; she’s going to say my name.’ That’s revenge.

But there’s an idea, ‘Oh, I can’t laugh at that. I’m not supposed to laugh at that.’”


They tour the town, with Jerry pointing out some Nazi-like “SS” symbols painted as design on the side of the highway and a model Hindenburg blimp in a small shop cleverly trying to mask the Swastika on its flags. They also run into Trump and Clinton pinatas.


The episode ends with Jerry and Margaret re-staging the comedy show that infamously made headlines due to Cho’s jokes about race and rape, and try to reconcile by re-inviting members from that audience for a conversation and a do-over.

This is definitely the heaviest episode of Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, but the two are still a delight, serving some excellent insight into yet another brilliant, unafraid comedian.


You can check it out over on Crackle’s site for the show.