March Muscle Car Madness: Battle Of The Bosses

It's here. The final Round of our March Muscle Car Madness. We're down to our last two contenders, and, of course, There Can Be Only One, though I bet many would argue there only is one already. That's because our two finalists are essentially brothers — only one year apart: The 1969 Boss 429 Mustang and the 1970 Boss 302 Mustang.

I'll admit to being a bit disappointed by this, as I was really hoping for the Olds 442 to go against the 'Stang here, but well, we've at least got a good Mustang fight to enjoy. It'll be sort of like dog fighting, and I know everybody loves that.


We've got a Battle of the Bosses here. The 429 is a real beast — rated at 375 HP, but most believe that was severely underrated— actual figures are likely close to 500 HP. Compared to the Boss 302, the exterior was a bit more understated. The Boss 302 doesn't have the power of the 429, but it did finally eliminate the fake side-intake scoops, which, let's face it, were pretty silly.

So, let's get this brother-against-brother battle settled. Vote away. There can be only one!

March Muscle Car Madness is brought to you by Gumout.

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