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Marc Marquez Is Super Busy But Send Me Your Questions Anyway

Mini-God Marc Marquez somehow has better things to do than sit down with me for an entire hour now, because apparently trying to win MotoGP races is a big deal to him and one or two of his sponsors. Send me your questions now so I can get through as many as I can when I sit down with him shortly.


No, I won’t ask him how much Lorenzo paid him for last year, or tell him that you think he sucks. I’m actually kind of stoked that enough of you care enough about racing to be so passionate about it, but let’s try and keep this fun and interesting for people who actually care.


Also, sorry about this. I was really looking forward to spending more time with him and getting to some of the weirder question, but this sort of thing happens. As a consolation, here’s a video of Marc being Marc. Because Marc is awesome.

And another:

Okay people, let’s see what you got.

Sean MacDonald is the editor of Lanesplitter.

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A huge part of being world champion is being on the right bike at the right time. With your contract ending this year and silly season upon us with rumors about Lorenzo and Ducati abound, how much of the decision to choose a team/bike is based on actual data they can provide to sway you and how much of it is faith and expectations? Lots of people said Lewis Hamilton made a big mistake going to Mercedes from McLaren but is now in a car that has dominated for years with no end in sight. How do you weigh the factors to make such a career-defining decision?