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​Marc Marquez Is Even More Mental When He's Dominating Flat Track

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you needed further proof that Marc Marquez is a two-wheeled deity on any surface, here's onboard footage from the guy behind him at the Superprestigio final.

Marquez, like many of the world's top riders, rides flat track as a way to train during the off season, and those skills were put to the test during this weekend's race. Naturally, he kicked ass.

The final was a 12-lap race with eight riders, and had Jared Mees (2014 AMA Pro GNC winner) and MotoGP's reigning champion dodging downed riders and sliding around the circuit in Spain. Mees was dominating most of the day, eventually winning the Open class before running in the Superfinal where he stalled, then proceeded to chase down Marquez for the last few laps.


Superprestigio is turning into one of the more anticipated races of the year, with riders from all disciplines battling it out on a short, bumpy oval. This year saw 48 riders compete on a variety of single-cylinder bikes. The rules allow for anything from 250 to 750cc, but most split the middle ground on 450cc Hondas and KTMs, and Marquez had the pick of the litter – a kitted-out, blueprinted Honda made just for the champ by HRC.


Photos: Superprestigio Dirt Track