Mansory Bugatti Veyron: Over-The-Top Faux Opulence Hits New Gold Standard

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The Mansory Bugatti Veyron Linea Vincero d'Oro. If you needed any more proof Mansory's objective is to carpet-bomb good taste and restraint into oblivion, here it is. It's gold, carbon fiber, and more gold. Did we mention gold?


Technically, the gold slathered all over this unsuspecting Veyron isn't actually real, rather an alloy of some sort, but the effect is the same: Over the top ridiculousness. Not content to reshape the front fenders, give the car a new front clip and a gold grille with a "V" for Vincero, plate all the chrome, plate the wheels and strip the paint down to raw carbon fiber, they've also assaulted the interior. That's where the magic is.

Yes, that's ostrich-skin-pattern embossed gold leather. Everywhere. It distracts the eye from the row of LEDs circling the cabin for mood lighting. They've also finished everything off with carbon fiber appliques sprinkled about the cabin. This car screams "I'm a Russian gangster" louder than any car in existence — because all of it's fake. Where's the real ostrich skin? The real gold? If Mansory wanted to be the real deal, they'd roll like Dartz — whale penis leather — everywhere.

They've already built one and are hoping for the opportunity for more chances to sully a $1.6 million super car.

At least they massaged the engine as well, pushing the W16 from 1001 to 1109 hp and bumping torque from 922 to 966 lb-ft. Just for the record, we can only imagine the customer for this piece of work being the real-life version of this guy:

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Does it come with a pygmy giraffe?