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Man's Head Gets Stuck Between Car And McDonald's

Illustration for article titled Mans Head Gets Stuck Between Car And McDonalds

In a freak turn of events, a man got his head caught between his car and a McDonald’s restaurant.


No, this isn’t a viral marketing stunt for the Super Bowl. A 19 year old man actually managed to get his noggin’ stuck between his vehicle and the wall of the fast-food burger chain while going through the drive-thru earlier this week.

Apparently his money blew out of his hand while he was in the drive-thru, so he did that awkward, pitiful thing we’ve all had to do before and tried to lean out of his car door to pick up the dropped cash.


Apparently his foot slipped from the brake pedal and the car rolled forward towards the wall, sandwiching his head in the opened door, either initially, or even more terrifying to consider, eventually knocking him unconscious.

Dash-cam footage shows the three minute struggle following the officer’s arrival to the bizarre incident, eventually managing to slip the Dodge Stratus out of gear and pushed away from the wall. The man was taken to the hospital and has been listed as stable.

As someone who is notably a fiend for getting as close to the window as possible, I will keep this unfortunate soul’s bad luck in mind going forward and simply pull the car forward and step out of the vehicle to retrieve my dropped money.

Be careful out there.

From KSL Via CarScoops Photo: AP Images

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Demoted, loss of stratus.