Manor F1 Team May Double Down On Dead-Last Domination With KFC Investment

Photo credit: Mark Thompson/Getty Images
Photo credit: Mark Thompson/Getty Images

When you think of things that move slow, both the Manor Formula One team and someone who’s eaten too much Kentucky Fried Chicken come to mind. Now those two may be inseparable, as KFC is linked to a possible investment in Manor, according to Autoweek. Now that rumor’s finger lickin’ good.


Jagonya, the Indonesian branch of KFC, has been linked to a possible investment in the Manor F1 team. It’s not the first time tasty, tasty Indonesian chicken has backed a racing team, however, F1 is a particularly hilarious partnership as there’s no way on earth an ultra-fit F1 driver would ever be allowed anywhere near a plate of KFC.

Manor is one of those F1 teams that has floundered around at the back of the pack since its inception. Like gritty chicken gizzards, it’s just hard for Manor to achieve a solid fandom. There’s a passionate few who really love them, but there’s even more who’d gladly just rather hand that bucket over to Mom.


No, seriously, Mom, how do you eat those things? Gross.

A team that really only gets noticed when it’s in the way of faster teams isn’t the most enticing F1 sponsorship out there. Manor has to figure something out after finishing in eleventh (and last) place this year, though, as they’re out of the top ten finishers who get any prize winnings from the sport.

Manor team owner Stephen Fitzpatrick confirmed to Autoweek that they’ve reached an agreement with somebody, but hasn’t made who that someone is public yet. We’re honestly rooting for a Chicken Rocket to double-down on dead-last domination, though. The idea of a KFC F1 car is just too good.

All bets are off as to whether Manor would have to tweak their distinctively Whataburger-esque orange “M” logo should Jagonya pony up the cash.

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I vaguely remember reading a piece on the sponsership landscape within the Motogp paddock; the article touched basis with crew leaders, sponsership heads, etc.

From what I remember the actual value from having your name on the bike (or car) being seen worldwide by viewers is really small ( some companies dont care where “their” car finishes).. rather, most of the value comes from your own marketing material distributed through channels that they can control... and the big value driver that keeps companies coming back is access to the race weekend itself; having the opportunity to strike business agreements with fellow sponsors, the elite that are involved in racing, etc. Essentially sponsors are paying for access to the “big boys club”.

Does this same sponsorship arrangement hold true for F1?