Watch This Maniac Torch His Truck And Dance Around It In Traffic

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Apparently some nutter hopped out of his Ford F-150, set it on fire, and danced around it blocking four lanes on the San Francisco Bay Bridge this morning.


Update: Video!

ABC7 News initially Homeland Security is on the scene, that the driver was "acting erratically" and "may have" intentionally torched the truck. Welp, yeah... some kinda wacky shit was definitely going on. Apparently the alleged arsonist was taunting fire fighters, and getting doused with hoses as he stood between them and the conflagration.

The California Highway Patrol has now confirmed that the truck was lit up on purpose. As authorities told Mercury News:

CHP Officer Michael Ferguson said the man had paid the toll for his Ford F150 pickup at toll booth 5 about 8:20 a.m., then drove about 100 feet west before stopping his truck in a traffic lane before the metering lights.

He then used gasoline to set the truck on fire, officials said. Thick black smoke from the fire could be seen over a wide area.


Are you a Bay Area commuter who got to witness this spectacle today? Any theories on what the hell happened? Tell us in the comments!

Image used with permission from Kevin Wilson!


He's a maniac...MANIAC! on the toll road.

And he's dancing like he's never danced before.