Man wrecks Twin-Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo, blames his shoes

Underground Racing's tuning work is sometimes overshadowed by their spectacular Lamborghini crashes. What this weekend's wreck of a twin-turbo UGR Gallardo lacks in flips, it more than makes up for in hilarious excuses. It's gotta be the shoes! UPDATE!


The Gallardo roadster met an untimely fate at the Caffeine and Octane event in Georgia this weekend. According to various sources the owner was pulling out of the event at a reasonably low speed, spun, and then jumped a curb. The result was a mangled rear suspension and a little body damage.

What we assumed was merely the always dangerous cars-and-coffee showboating, may actually be something more sartorially-motivated, at least according to the owner via The Car Lounge:

"This happened today at Caffeine & Octane here in GA. Owner (Name held back, I'd request the same if you know him) is a laid back and down to earth guy (was giving joy rides to 60 year old lady ). As he was leaving, stepped on it a little, car slid, spun around and jumped the curve. He wasn't even doing 20mph. Walked up to him and he was fine, but it turned out culprit was his shoe heel. Part of it came loose and as he stepped on the brakes, the loose part stayed partially on gas. Which kept him from full braking and gassed the car at the same time. He maintained his cool as people made fun of the situation, mad props to him for staying calm. We got together and helped him get the car out and on flat bed (it was a bitch to get in on). His last few lines were, "well gives me a reason to put some nice wheels and tint my tail lights lol."

Damage: The rear frame snapped off clean where the control arm bolts on to. No under body damage, no leaks, and car fired right up. He said car is going in for repairs monday and should be back for next C & O.

PS: Before some smart comments come up like, "needs to learn to drive." He has owned this for over a year, and his other cars include a built TT C6 Plastic mess-06 making 1200whp+. Just bad luck i would say.

This is a problem you don't have when you drive in Chucks.

Update: there's a video now. "The shoes" you say?


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