Man who survived 100-mph flying Trans Am crash good, thanks for asking

Brennen Eden, 20, was the driver who survived a horrific 100-mph crash outside Dayton, Ohio, last August that obliterated his Trans Am. After months of rehab and an upcoming appearance on National Geographic's "Indestructibles," Eden says he doesn't react anymore to the stunning footage of his crash. But he doesn't want another Trans Am.


Based on the National Geographic reconstruction, Eden was able to survive through a series of flukes — a hill in the median, the way the car turned in mid-air — that put all of the crash's force into the vehicle instead of him.


With his license suspended for two years (no drugs or alcohol were involved in the crash; Eden apparently just fell to sleep) he's now a stay-at-home dad. He'll be able to drive again in 18 months.

Hat tip to YankBoffin!

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