Man Who Lost 1.5 Inches Of Penis In Crash Gains $7.5 Million

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A South Carolina man (not pictured) has been awarded $7.5 million in damages after a motorcycle accident causes his penis to be shortened by 1.5 inches. Since the crash, 27-year old Matthew Wall has both divorced and retired from The Navy.


The accident occurred in 2007, reports The Daily Mail, as Wall rode his motorcycle to work at a Navy submarine base in San Diego. A shuttle bus from a local car dealer made a left turn in front of wall, who collided with it. Left turn accidents, typically caused by inattentive doofuses, are one of the most common types of motorcycle accident. Drivers don't see what they're not looking for.

In the crash, Wall fractured his pubic ramus bone, suffered a crushing injury to his penis and both the nerves and arteries in it were damaged. The surgery to repair the damage necessitated the loss in length.


There's no word on what Mr. Wall's length was before the accident, but his lawyer suggests that the 1.5-inch loss was significant, saying, "It's going to affect his relationships and his self-esteem in the future." It's apparently uncertain if Wall will be capable of fathering children. Wall was a newlywed at the time of the accident, but has since divorced.

The amount rewarded was bolstered because the moron driver was neither a legal immigrant nor licensed driver. The dealership he was driving for was found to have failed to provide requisite training.

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Sure, he got lots of money, but he lost 1.5 inches and his wife. I think he got the short end of the deal.