Man Wants To Build Exact Copy Of Nürburgring... In Nevada

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Since the greater Las Vegas area only has a copy of Paris, New York, Venice, and alien-occupied ancient Egypt, it's still a good ways away from having a copy of all of Earth's good stuff. Luckily, Bruton Smith, CEO of Speedway Motorsports, is working to fix that, starting with a copy of the Nürburgring.

In this interview on Sirius XM Sports, Smith reveals that he's been talking to "some Germans" about the possibility of creating an exact duplicate of the Nürburgring in Nevada, likely 10 or so miles away from the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Smith is very confident he can produce an exact replica, and has been talking to both the Governor and the Nevada Bureau of Land Management, who he's hoping will donate 8,000 acres of land for the project. And why wouldn't they? Nevada has plenty of open dirt without any Nürburgrings at all— this could take care of that situation.

The Nevada 'Ring wouldn't be used for racing, just test track use, though individuals as well as manufacturers could use it.


So what you're saying is that I could be a four hour drive from the Nürburgring, and then moments from $4.99 lobster and the loosest slots in town? Yes, please.

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Keep in mind that the real positive of the real ring is that the public can use it.

Do you really think for even a second that this thing would be accessible to anyone for the same sort of money that the real ring is?

He'd build it for one reason. Because people would flock to it. And, with that kind of demand, I'm guessing he'd be able to charge a LOT for people to use it. Which sort of kills what's the most fun about the real one.