Man shows remarkable stamina driving Honda Accord for one million miles

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"Million Mile Joe" LoCicero finally hit one million miles in his 1990 Honda Accord this past weekend and the fine folks at Honda rewarded him with a parade and, more importantly, a brand new Honda Accord. You know, so he'll stop giving people the wrong idea.


The key to LoCicero's staying power? He's a master auto technician who has to drive great distances across New England so he makes sure to change all fluids regularly. He has notebooks full of details on tire rotations, oil changes, and even every fill-up.

He claims the engine and transmission are original, but admits the fuel pump blew at 741,000 miles. Seeing his car towed apparently elicited laughter from his kids.

To make sure he took the new car and thus discourage other people from realizing their Hondas can drive so many miles with proper maintenance, Honda brought Miss Maine USA along to give him the keys.

Here's to another million miles Joe. Even if it is in another beige mid-size sedan.


I always thought that those who became auto mechanics loved working on cars more than I. Then I noticed most that I know do not want to work on cars at all. They drive something typical. They have no passion for automobiles outside of NASCAR or lifted trucks. So I wonder, why did this guy become a master auto tech? Why would someone who loves cars give up that passion to drive a 4 door Honda? I don't get it. I have a Michigan mechanics license, I work on all of my cars, and I also know that I didn't want to be a mechanic full time. I drive an 11 second 05 mustang (which I built myself) 365 a year. I have kids and use it for grocery shopping, vacations and everything in between. Why drive anything but something you want if you love cars?

If you love cars enough to educate yourself to the top level of repairing them, why would you drive a 4 door Honda? None of this "the mechanics car is always the worst one in the lot" crap either. Cop out. Live your passion! None of this "I got married so I had to sell the ______." BS BS BS BS.

I also want to see his receipts for car washes, any money he saved in buying that thing went out the window trying to keep it in the condition it is in.