A late night sorority-sponsored party at the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky ended in gunfire when a man was willing to get shot, tasered and pepper-sprayed all for the right to play a song. Must have been one helluva song.

According to a police report, an individual in a silver Chevy sedan "with graphics" was leaving the "Phreaking you under the Mistletoe" party held at the museum around 2 a.m. Wednesday morning when he decided to play his music at a high decibel level and drive around the parking lot.


A security guard for the firm Eagle Eye Security (owned by someone named Darryl "Dog Bone" Tyce) approached him and asked the driver to turn the sound down. The driver said "no" and brandished a gun. He was quickly pepper sprayed by the officer.

The driver then attempted to escape in his car but was chased down by the persistent security guard. The man in the Chevy brandished his weapon again, according to the guard, and was shot at three times. Reports that the man was shot are incorrect. His car was hit twice but he was fine.

Well, he was fine until he resisted arrest and was then hit with a taser.

The individual who was shot at said that he did not point a gun at the security guard and that he did not threaten him and he "was just trying to leave and he got shot at by the security guard."


Police recovered a loaded .45 caliber Ruger P90 pistol from the man who was shot. They also took the CD.

"I wish I knew what that song was, I would play it in my office," said Bowling Green Kentucky Police PIO Ronny Ward. "this is music worth dying over."


A spokesperson for the Western Kentucky University chapter of Delta Sigma Theta said the party was mostly attended by WKU students, but that she wasn't even aware someone was shot.

The name of the man who was shot and the security guard who shot them has been redacted pending any charges being pressed by the district attorney.