Man Says Chrysler Will Close In 2018 After 'Talking To CEO' On Facebook

Guess what guys? Chrysler is closing up shop in 2018. Yep. The 300 is going to become the Fiat 300. At least that's what one member of the Plymouth Duster Facebook group is saying after he "talked to Sergio" on 'Facebook book.' Sounds legit!

Like most of you, I get my automotive news from the largest Plymouth Duster group on Facebook. While most of the time it is solely Duster-related content, occasionally, a gem pops up.


This one comes from a guy who says he spoke to Sergio on Facebook, and Sergio told him that Chrysler is closing in a couple of years and the 300 will become the Fiat 300. It's all part of the grand plan for the brand. Here's a screenshot from the Facebook page of what was heard and has since been deleted (via @Judge_Mills).

Now, as you can see, this all appears rather convincing. Talking to Sergio on Facebook and getting corporate secrets seems exactly like something he'd divulge to anyone who messages him.

Now, does Sergio have a Facebook account? According to Chrysler (oh yeah, we asked Chrysler), the account that said the company was going away is fake and they aren't closing down in 2018 (though they didn't reply with an immediate, emphatic "this is bunk," which I found odd). Whoda thunk it? The "Sergio" account has since disappeared, but thanks to Plymouth Duster group admin Nick Maronese of, we have this screenshot of the "profile."


Seems Sergio loves John Elkaan and hates the Ford Explorer, especially older ones with the 4.0 liter engine. Also, as commenter DJM1390 points out, Fiat probably wouldn't name a large car the 300 while keeping the 500 as a small car. Or maybe they would and that's why this is so brilliant.


This is just another case that proves Abraham Lincoln was right and you can't believe everything you see on the internet.

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