Man Puts 38-inch Off-Road Tires On a Russian Sedan Using Enormous Wheel Spacers, Rips Donuts

Screenshot: Garage 54 ENG (YouTube)

If you’re going to fit 38-inch mud-bogger tires onto your small sedan, you can forget about cutting the fenders—you’re not fitting those tires into those wheel wells no matter what you do. But what you can do is push the tires outboard using wheel spacers. And if you want to be able to steer, those wheel spacers up front are going to need to be enormous.

Vlad from the ever-ingenious YouTube channel Garage 54 ENG is at it again, this time “experimenting” with giant mud tires on a less-than-giant Russian sedan—a VAZ 2106 with a 2101 front end, he says in the video. The results are, actually, not nearly as bad as I expected them to be, even if the car’s stance looks deeply, deeply perturbing.

The huge wheel spacers are hilarious. They appear to just be thick steel tubes with flanges on either end to act as fastening points to the car’s wheel hub on one end and to the wheel itself on the other. The hub-side flange on the long front spacers is reinforced to the tube with some metal plates and a few beads of weld, presumably to increase bending strength.


Despite the tires and the stock gearing, the car apparently had enough power to rip donuts and accelerate at a decent rate. Sure, the front tires’ camber and toe were out of wack, and even with the huge spacers, the steering angle was limited, but Vlad appeared to be having a lot of fun. And for something as harebrained as this, that’s a win.

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