Man Makes Awesome Video, Still Can't Sell His Ford Taurus

An Omaha man is trying to sell his 2002 Ford Taurus for $3,000 on Craigslist. Rather than just take a few pictures and write a description, he decided to give Ford's best selling sedan the attention it deserves with a pretty impressive video. He has gotten a lot of press, but no offers for some odd reason.

According to, Django Greenblatt-Seay is a communications manager of video for Union Pacific and has created other video projects such as the Love Drunk music video series, and project Tree Speed.


In his Taurus ad, Greenblatt-Seay sets the scene by using aerial drone footage in Omaha's Hummel Park. He then applies the audio from a 1987 Ford television commercial that references the Taurus winning Motor Trend's Car of The Year award.

Django was inspired by the famous '96 Maxima ad that was so well done, Nissan actually bought the car and restored it.

The Taurus video has over 4,000 views and the story has been picked up by various media outlets such as The New York Daily News and even reaching across the pond at the U.K.'s Daily Mail. Despite all the international attention, he still hasn't found a buyer. Given that the car is thirteen years old and has over 125,000 miles, maybe he should just lower the price a bit.


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