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Man Gets Free New Motorcycle After Suspect In Police Chase Damages His

Photo via ABC 15 screencap
Photo via ABC 15 screencap

After a suspect in a police chase damaged a fellow motorist’s motorcycle while attempting to steal it, Kawasaki arranged to have a brand-new bike sent to the rider. The bike isn’t the same brand as his old one and took some street fighting with a police suspect in order to get it, but hey—a free bike is a free bike, right?


The scene from which this resulted looked as if it was a live rendition of Grand Theft Auto near Phoenix on Thursday, during which a suspect in a police chase approached the rider, Army veteran Brandon Jenkins, at an intersection in order to steal his bike. Jenkins fought back, and the suspect eventually gave up on the theft—hopping back into his truck and speeding off, only to reportedly flip the truck later on in the chase.

The suspect, Joshua Monigold, 31, was under medical care at a hospital for serious injuries as of Friday, according to ABC 15. Below is a video of the chase, which ABC 15 reports started as a result of a hit-and-run earlier this month:


The bike Monigold attempted to take off with in the video above is a Suzuki GSX-R600, and ABC 15 reports that a spokesperson said Jenkins’ new Kawasaki bike will arrive sometime next week.

Missed opportunity for some brownie points there, Suzuki.

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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You’d think “hey this guy is a US Veteran...he deserves a brand new American motorcycle”- one of three US companies. Missed opportunity HD, Victory, Indian...