A man who fled a car crash, taking his pitbull with him, tried to steal another car from the parking lot of a store before a security guard attempted to stop him. Then he stole the security guard’s car and crashed into a pole.

Police responded to what they believed was an attempted robbery of a Safeway in Annandale, Virginia, but it turns out the guy was just fleeing the scene of a previous car crash nearby for whatever reason. Except instead of getting away, he ended up hitting at least two other cars before running into a light post in the parking lot and getting caught.


Video shows the security guard’s car hitting just about everything, via Fox5:


Luckily the thief, 35-year-old Christopher Robinson, was stopped before managing to seriously harm himself, anybody else and, most importantly, his dog. Well, Robinson was tasered after refusing to stand down to police.

I’m just glad the dog is OK.

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