Man Fined $500 For Driving While Eating A Rotisserie Chicken

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I have a rule about rotisserie chicken. I will eat it in a restaurant. I will walk to go pick it up. But I will not drive with it in a car. The smells are too intoxicating. The glistening brown skin is too much to resist. I wouldn't want to end up like the Ottawa, Canada man ticketed $500 for giving in to the irresistible scent and driving while simultaneously eating an entire rotisserie chicken in a bowl.


Police say they caught the 58-year-old man weaving in and out of traffic. He wasn't drunk in the traditional sense. He was trying to eat a rotisserie chicken that was in a "large white bowl" in his lap.

It sounds like this man has a problem. An addiction. He's a tryptophan junkie waiting to get his next score of P (poultry). I've been there. No judgement. Strung out on the couch, an open styrofoam container of Chicken Hut on the floor. Unchewable cartilage everywhere.


You can have a little fun, man. It's ok. Just do it at home where you can't hurt anyone but yourself. (Hat tip to thebigbossyboss!)

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Well there is one in Ottawa on 1754 St-Laurent Blvd.

I think it is much, much better than the Swiss Chalet chicken.