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Man Drives Fanboat on North Texas' Icy Roads

Hundreds of thousands of people are without power, and most of Texas' roads were untreated. A fanboat might have been a better call than a car.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Gif: Fox 4 / Lee Taggart

An adventurous Texan decided to take his fanboat on the ice-covered road of North Texas. Earlier this week, a winter storm swept across the state of Texas. According to the Dallas Morning News, North Texas got an inch and a half of sleet on Tuesday and freezing rain on Wednesday. Hundreds of thousands of people are without electricity, and thousands of flights have been canceled. Texas’ roads are also in a state of disarray, with plenty of roads impassable by car.

Man in fanboat cruises down the road during North Texas ice storm

Fox 4 Dallas-Fort Worth received footage of someone making the best of the awful road conditions, though. A man was spotted driving a fanboat down a rural road in Princeton, Texas, about 45 miles northeast of Dallas. The watercraft intended for swamps, marshes and other shallow bodies of water seemingly had no issue skimming atop the icy surface. It made quicker work of the roads than most cars, anyway.

Texas may experience a bit of extreme winter weather, but the occurrences haven’t been enough to justify the kind of large-scale road treatment operations you see in northern states more prone to snowy winters. Some preparations were made for the winter storm on major roads and intersections, but most roads were untreated, the perfect pavement to become a virtual ice rink. The lack of friction and the fan-propelled nature of the craft made the fanboat perfect for the conditions.


The ice and sleet hopefully shouldn’t be around for long. Temperatures in the area are expected to exceed 50 degrees over the weekend, melting away anything left from the storm. However, I don’t think we’ll be seeing anyone taking their fanboat out on a grocery run.