Man Drives Across USA With Dead Girlfriend After Consulting Internet

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Unsure of what to do after his girlfriend died from an overdose of oxycodone in Arizona, a Michigan man searched online for tips and decided the best solution would be to take the woman's corpse back to his home in metro Detroit for further instruction.


According to WJBK, the horrific road trip began after the 62-year-old resident of Clinton Township — in Macomb County north of Detroit — drove to Glendale, AZ, to pick up his 31-year-old girlfriend from a mental health facility there. The man's 92-year-old mother, a wheelchair user, was along for the ride.


At a gas station in Flagstaff, the man told police, the woman overodosed on oxycodone and was dead almost immediately. The man, the dead woman and his mother made two stops in New Mexico and Oklahoma; each time, the man checked to make sure the younger woman was really dead.

The man told police he searched online for advice and was led to believe it would be fine to continue driving to Michigan. Along the way, the man propped up the dead woman and placed sunglasses on her face and a stuffed animal in her lap; his nonagenarian mother was not allowed to use the restroom during the daylong drive; and the air-conditioning in the man's van malfunctioned. The man finally consulted authorities in Warren.

Prosecutors in Macomb County are reviewing the case to determine if any charges should be filed.


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