Man Dies In 210 MPH Crash At California's Mojave Air & Space Port

A driver of a modified Ford GT died earlier today at a standing mile event at California's Mojave Air & Space Port, according to a Ford GT forum. The driver, known as "Jack," drove off the track at approximately 210 MPH before flipping and crashing. UPDATE

Multiple members of say that the GT owner identified only as "Jack" crashed, possibly because of a heart attack, and rolled his modified supercar off the end of the runway.

Here's a report from user ChipBeck:

I was at the starting line about to make my first run when a blue GT with white stripes driven by an older gentleman named "Jack" kept accelerating till the end of the runway. He was going 201 mph at the shut down point so he was probably going 210 when he went off. Car flipped 30 feet off the ground, rolled and burned. EMT's tried to revive the driver but he didn't make it. Paramedics said that the car was intact and in reasonabely good shape and it appears that the driver had a heart attack on the course before the accident. Rest in peace.:

Mojave is home to the Mojave Mile, which is set to take place early next month. This appears to be a speed day hosted by GT members in preparation for the event.

Another member added that Jack had modified his vehicle with a Whipple supercharger so that he could hit 200 MPH this year, which he apparently did moments before passing away.

Anyone at the event have more details?

UPDATE A commenter who says he helped run the event provides some more details, including a clarification that the driver was likely well-below 210 mph when he crashed. This sounds familiar to what we've heard from other sources:

I was the Race Director at this event and am a professional Accident Reconstructionist. The subject Ford GT DID cross the finish line at 201.5 mph and did continue to accelerate after the finish line, but was going MUCH SLOWER at the time of the accident.

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