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You have to be thorough when you're testing a car you might buy. You have to make sure it's mechanically sound, put it through its paces on slower roads and on the highway, and also see how it performs when you're impersonating a police officer and pulling people over.


Maybe that last one's not such a great idea. It's reportedly what landed a 39-year-old Oregon man in jail on charges that he criminally impersonated an officer.

The AP reports that the suspect, Anthony McGuire, visited a car lot in Salem three days in a row and told employees he was a sheriff's deputy. Each day he asked to test the same Chevrolet Tahoe.


On the third day employees were suspicious of his behavior, so two of them joined him for a test drive. That's when McGuire pulled over a motorcyclist.

[Sheriff's Sgt. Chris] Baldridge said McGuire had no badge or identification, and his manner led everyone else to conclude he might be a fake. The employees from Good Fellows Auto Sales, who could not be reached for comment, told investigators that the motorcyclist had gone around the SUV because McGuire was driving very slowly.

"They said the motorcyclist really wasn't doing anything wrong," Baldridge said. "He was acting for his own safety to get around the slow-moving vehicle."

Investigators think McGuire might have pulled over other drivers, and the AP reported he allegedly once stole a car from a courthouse and drove it to a mall.

Maybe he needed a ride and it was just there. Why does everyone have to hate?

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