If you're gonna speed on public streets don't tape it. If you do tape it, don't upload it to YouTube with the title "1000+ HP Corvette Doing 195+ mph." Otherwise, you'll end up in handcuffs like this 30-year-old from Oklahoma.

30-year-old Cody Replogle was hoping to sell his extensively modified Corvette and used the YouTube videos of himself supposedly going 195 mph around Oklahoma City freeways as some sort of enticement to would-be buyers who might be impressed by how easy it is to be a complete and utter moron in the car.

Replogle's original videos linked to this eBay Motors listing, which describes the car as a one-off blown 'Vette with $60K worth of upgrades. On the listing he brags about his speeding exploits:

Here are two more videos of in the car that I took today.
This one is getting onto the highway and climbing to about 160. (dead video link)
This one is getting onto the turnpike and climing over 195+ mph. I was in 5th gear and still had some gear left. It still has 6th gear also. It was a constant acceleration all the way as you can see. This car will easily go well over 200 mph if you are crazy enough and have the stomach for it. (dead video link)

He attempted to sell the car with a buy-it-now price of $26K but the highest bid of $15K didn't meet the reserve price and the auction ended unsuccessfully earlier this month. Someone saw the video on his now empty YouTube page and called the police. It didn't take long for the Oklahoma City PD to get him to confess to owning the car, speeding, and then posting the video to YouTube.


Replogle pulled all his videos down, but we were able to locate the one where he brags he's going 195 mph. We called the number Replogle has listed on his eBay listing and left a message. We've received no response.

There are many lessons here, but the most important one is this: if he did this on a track he'd have maybe sold his car and not ended up going to jail. Now he potentially might have to sell the car for a low price just to cover his legal bills. (Hat tip to James!)


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