Special FX professionals charge actual money to stage those elaborate and cliché explosions where someone presses a button and an entire car explodes into a massive flame ball. A Virginia Beach contractor was able to duplicate that at a much lower cost with a leaky acetylene bottle, an F-150, and a remote start key fob.

The explosion happened this morning when a heating and air conditioning contractor went through his morning routine of pressing the key fob to open his car, reports The Pilot. Instead of the 'click' that usually indicates the doors have been unlocked, this guy witnessed a massive Michael Bay-style explosion.


No one was hurt, but you can't blame the guy for fearing someone was trying to kill him/crapping his pants. In reality, police suspect fumes from a bottle of acetylene escaped into the truck overnight and ignited when he pressed the unlock button.

Good thing he had the remote key fob.

(Hat tip to TTYYMMNN!)

Photo: Virginia Beach FD via Pilot Online