At least 31 people have died in the fires engulfing California over the past few days. Driving through it looks like trying to make an escape through hell, but it could be easy to dismiss that as some country road. But Malibu is right in Los Angeles County, and now one of those fires is running straight up to the highways.


It’s nearly impossible to understate the devastation wrought to the area, and thanks to a bunch of celebrities calling it home you now have countless images like this, of actor Gerard Butler’s completely destroyed house:

Google’s crisis map of the fire shows very clearly that it’s not some “forest fire,” but a fire right in the heart of Southern California:

Illustration for article titled The Malibu Fire is Now Creeping Right Up to the Highway

But even that map isn’t precisely accurate, as it shows the fire still some ways south of the 118, whereas this video from NBC shows it literally right up to the highway:


You can clearly see traffic backing up, as cars and trucks crawl along the left-hand shoulder to escape the smoke, heat, and flames.

Everyone stay safe out there.

Correction: This post originally referred to the “Camp Fire.” The fire in Malibu is actually a different fire. We regret the error.


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