Making Fun Of Tokyo Drift Is Low-Hanging Fruit

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Without a doubt, Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift (or, for the simpler fans, Fast and Furious Three) is the best film of the franchise. So, when I came across this Honest Trailers video about the movie, I was perplexed. How does one hate upon the most perfect film ever made?

To be fair, Honest Trailers makes some hilariously good points. Lucas Black is a terrible actor. What role did Lil’ Bow Wow have in that movie? Why is Han always snacking? Is he channeling Brad Pitt’s Rusty from Ocean’s Eleven?

But here’s the thing—this wasn’t supposed to be a good or serious movie, and therein lies its power. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and that’s why so many aspects of it are absolutely ridiculous.


As a result, totally deep and profound lines like, “Life is simple, you make choices and you don’t look back” are completely memorable and should serve as a guiding beacon to everyone’s lives.

Also, all the drivers are leaning to the side because THEY’RE DRIFTING. GOD.

You keep being you, Honest Trailers. But leave the drifting movie out of this.

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To its credit, it had the best stunt driving of the franchise.

Sung Kang is always eating because it makes him stand out in a shot where he’s in the background. He’s also the owner of an incredible widebody rb26 swap S30Z.

And God bless whoever decided to name him Han Seoul-Oh. HAN SEOUL-OH.