Illustration for article titled Maker of Huge-Ass RVs Considers Hybrid, Hydrogen-Assisted Powerplant

Whether you're an elderly couple who've cashed in their 401K, sold the house and hit the road, or you're the bass player in an up-and-coming indie-rock band trying to ditch that chick with the braided nether region, you know Kingsley Coach. They're a maker of high-end RVs built on heavy-duty platforms. Now the company says it's considering a hybrid or hydrogen-assisted version of its 465 horsepower K-3 model — built on a Volvo 780 chassis — making it the first hybrid RV model on the market. According to a story on Green Car Congress, Kingsley will pursue a system that's either hybrid-electric or hydrogen injection to improve gas mileage while cutting emissions. And to run internal bass amps, foot massagers and George Foreman grills inside, the company is looking at using solar panels to replace the current LPG-fueled generator. Now grandma and gramps can make it all the way from Sun Valley to Key West without spending down their principle. [Green Car Congress]

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