Make The Pain Stop! Corvette Gets Clunked

The C4 Corvette isn't always held in the highest esteem, but subjecting it to the Cash For Clunkers sodium silicate death sentence just cruel. The car lasts a brutal 3:49 seconds before its smokey death.



Time for my rant of the day, from your number one ass*****, ME!

Well, look here, it's a Corvette this time. What you guys are missing is the following:

1) The owner couldn't get up to $4,500 on this car even if he (or she) were to sell it. This is a very easy way to get the value while doing none of the work. Remember, we are talking about the average consumer, not an enthusiast.

2) Having a year full ofclunkers, and dismantling them would cost a great deal of money for the dealer. The is the low cost way of making the car inoperable, by killing it with a lethal injection.

3) The car recyclers, who receive all these clunkers once the drive train seizes, don't want to waste anymore time trying to recover parts that are probably not worth anything (I mean, how many explorer front fenders can you have?) and are trying to recover the scrap steel price as quickly as possible.

4) A lot of these cars need a lot of work. The Oldsmobile Aurora that was on the other day had over 200,000 miles on it, the A/C wasn't working, and all the lights on the dash were on. Same thing with this Vette, as it probably needed at least $5,000 worth of repairs to get back into workable condition.

5) Again, I have to remind you that no one put a gun to the owners head and said he had to trade it in. There are many stories like this, including a guy who traded in a Mercedes 380 SL on a Hyundai Accent in RI.

6) Calm down, as this program will run out in a few weeks, and will not be repeated.