Make Eye Contact With A Bank Robber Running From The Cops On The Wrong Side Of The Highway

Are you prepared to witness the most cinematic real life bank robbery car chase ever recorded? Because this shit is better than Hollywood.


The best damn bank-heist-car-chase of the year, or maybe even the decade, was sent in to Fox2Now by Kyle Strobel, depicting a police chase following a bank robbery taking place on the opposite side of the highway. “It’s like COPS in real life!” Indeed it is.

Here’s the video embedded from Fox2Now’s website (originally posted to their Facebook page):


Let’s all give Kyle, or whoever was managing the camera work, a solid round of internet applause, because the steady hand and high quality of this chase give’s Michael Mann’s Heat a run for it’s money. The commentary is also fantastic.

“Don’t pull over; they have their guns drawn!”


According to Fox2, the alleged bank robbers were fleeing from a heist at Simmons Bank in St. Louis and have been taken into custody following the amazing-photographed chase above.

Pay attention folks; this is how you play out, and record, “Grand Theft Auto in real life.” Don’t try any of this at home, of course. But! If you find yourself in the middle of a high speed highway chase, I hope you’ve been taking notes.


Hat tip to David from OppositeTalk!

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