Majestic Parkour Tire Changing Is Just Another Day in Super Formula Racing

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Gif: @SUPER_FORMULA_E (Twitter)

Most race pit stops involve mobs of people with very specific jobs. Not Super Formula. Well, the jobs are specific, but the staff is leaner. So some folks have to work harder.

Check out this awesome tire-changer vault across the nose of this Super Formula race car:


It’s not that somebody called in sick at the last minute here; Super Formula limits pit crews to six people and teams are required to have a dedicated stop-sign person, a fueler, and a fire person. That means if you need to change four tires, you’ve got three people to do it. Hence: the flying front tire-changer. Also, there are self-deploying robot jacks are involved. Oh yeah, this is good stuff!

WTF1 found a video explaining the coolness of Super Formula pit stops a little more from StudioVRM, take a look:

To be honest, I wasn’t really aware of Super Formula until somebody shared that tweet with me this morning, but now I’m pretty intrigued.

The Japanese series races on tracks including Suzuka Circuit, Fuji Speedway, Twin Ring Motegi and “old-style” circuits like Sportsland Sugo, Okayama International and Autopolis.

All the cars are pretty much the same, with two engine choices: a Honda HR-417E or a Toyota RI4A. Both are two-liter turbocharged four-cylinders making at least 550 horsepower. The cars are allowed to weigh as little as 1,455 pounds ready to race, including a driver.


It sounds like a driver’s race for sure, and lucky you, it’s pretty accessible to watch even from the U.S.A. In fact, you can stream a race live Saturday night at 9:30 p.m. pacific time right here if you feel like staying in!