Indian conglomerate Mahindra cleared one set of U.S. regulations last week for selling its diesel-powered pickup in the United States. Based on these pictures from a Jalopnik reader, the Scorpio SUV may not be far behind.

Jalopnik reader Blake said he spotted the diesel-powered Scorpion in Tennessee earlier this month, pulling a trailer and being shadowed by two other non-Mahindra trucks. The driver let him take these shots, sharing that it was only one of three Scorpios in the United States. Mahindra has long said it wanted to bring the seven-passenger Scorpio to the United States, and showed off a diesel-electric hybrid version at the 2008 SAE conference in Detroit.


The Scorpio was apparently one of the four models distributor Global Vehicles planned to import, but its lawsuit against Mahindra filed in June said the SUV project had been canceled. Whatever the legal issues, someone appears to be thinking about how to get the Scorpio a visa.

(Thanks to Blake!)