Magnus Racing Would Like Us All To Know They're Still Angry About Their Penalty

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Magnus Racing broke their usual jolly character after Virginia International Raceway to point out how asinine it was that they were excluded from the race results. Part of their car was bent just 1 mm too hellaflush after contact with another car and they lost a third-place finish over it. PSA: they’re still unhappy.

Magnus claimed their exclusion was inconsistent with IMSA’s prior penalties for ride height infractions, and wrote a lengthy, serious rebuttal of the situation on their site after both they and Audi Sport Customer Racing couldn’t sway IMSA’s opinion.

But oh, they weren’t done. Their most recent press release, “Magnus Racing Excited for Five Hours, Twenty Minutes of COTA,” is a masterwork of post-race saltiness. Today’s race is only two hours and 40 minutes, however, they’re referring to the period afterwards where they’ll be waiting on their edge of their seats to see if they’ll get to keep their race result.


Driver and team owner John Potter explains:

The first half of these races are incredibly fun. For the first 160 minutes, we leave it all on the track. It’s about speed, patience, strategy, teamwork, all the elements required to win. For the following 160 minutes, you hope that you didn’t actually leave it all on the track. It’s like the worlds longest slow-moving crash, you hope you can avoid it but at a certain point you just know it’s not in your hands. What makes it even harder is that most restaurants close at 8PM on a Sunday, thankfully this weekend’s race is on a Saturday.


Of course, this comes after Magnus opted to point out a few other series’ responses to cars out of spec on their Twitter feed:


Never change, guys. Never change.