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Magical History Tour: The 1999 Bentley Hunaudieres Concept

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The cyberites dubbed Syberites took us up to Flashback Mountain over the weekend, trotting out shots of Bentley's 1999 prototype, which looks quite familiar in light of a certain mad bercar from Alsace. Yes, a few months before there was a Veyron, there was Bentley's Geneva motor show queen from last century. Arriving just a year after V-dub bought the venerable Brit marque, the Hunaudieres (hmm, that certainly sounds French) did share some underpinnings with the yet-to-be Continental GT. That same year at the Tokyo motor show, Bugatti introduced the EB 18 4 Veyron concept car, which at the time sported a prototypical W18 engine. Of course, back then, no one though they'd ever build either of them. No imagination, us.

Bentley Hunaudi res Concept [Sybarites]