Mad Mike Is Building The Four-Rotor Hot Hatch That Mazda Won't

The 1200-horsepower rear-drive Mazda3 is getting prepped for the 100th Pikes Peak International Hillclimb

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We aren’t even to the end of January yet, and we’ve got an early contender for cool car build of the year right here. Mad Mike, the rotary obsessed Mazda/Red Bull racer who builds cool shit down in New Zealand is back with another rotary-powered cool shit car, brought to our attention by our friends at The Drive. Who wouldn’t want a Mazda3 hatchback with 1200 horsepower pumped through the rear wheels? And while we’re at it, who wouldn’t want to race that car at the 100th running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb?

I’d like to wager right now that this car will be so loud that you can hear it from downtown Colorado Springs when it leaves the start line at Pikes Peak. Hell, it’s probably so loud you’ll hear it in Denver. Ah, this whips. It’s gonna go nyoooooom so much, I love it. I mean, just look at that quartet of hater pipes sticking straight out of the hood!


There’s not much more information available rightow than was posted to Instagram. To that end, we only really know that this project exists, that it will retain a full four-seater interior despite the fact that Pikes Peak must be tackled solo, and it looks totally fucking awesome. Obviously the car runs on Rays wheels wrapped in Toyo tires, with Red Bull and Mazda support.


Cars like this are one of the reasons that Pikes Peak continues to be one of the coolest motorsport events in the world. You can, for the most part, dream up the craziest shit, make it reality, and find a class to race it at Pikes Peak. I don’t know for certain that this car will actually be competitive in any one class or another, and it certainly won’t be enough to beat Volkswagen’s overall record up the hill, but with that kind of power on tap, it’s probably going to be really frickin’ fast.

Pikes Peak 100 can’t get here fast enough. Let’s go!