Mad Geniuses Built A Working Hellcat Drivetrain Into This Crate

There’s something perversely wonderful about this.

It’s a Dodge Hellcat, just, you know, minus the car. It’s a big 707 horsepower pressboard pallet with the entire guts from that car in it: engine, transmission, pedals, instruments, steering wheel, everything.


Crate engines are nothing new, but there’s still something wonderfully strange about seeing them come to life in an actual crate.

These turnkey, entire-guts-of-a-car setups are being sold by Cleveland Power and Performance, among other places, and that’s where this video came from. They claim this one is the first and only Hellcat turnkey palle


Modern drive-by-wire systems mean that getting all this stuff to work outside of the context of actually being installed in a car is easier than ever, and the range of what these drivetrains and instruments and controls can be shoved into is the sort of thing that makes your mind wander to unhealthy places.

So, ready to build the fastest, stupidest Rascal Scooter in the world? You know what to do.

Hat tip to Paulo!

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... I’m gonna build me a fuel injected suicide machine!